How to Find the Best Beauty Products

Interestingly, if you do a quick search on the Internet for best beauty products, you will wind up going over several lists of brands recommended by Doctor So-and-So and Hollywood Star So-and-So. If you like personal endorsements, you may go for their suggestions, but the following are general principles that you may do well to remember in making your decision:

1. Media ads are usually false presentations. This is obviously because it is the job of marketers to show off women with sparkling teeth or shiny hair or smooth skin, perhaps after spending hours getting made up on the set. What advertisements do is simply to improve sales for the product by presenting it in the best possible way. This makes advertising a poor gauge of deciding which product to buy. Should you choose which actresses’ skin looks best based on the advertisements? Instead, use the ads as a basis to check which companies you should look further into. This is partly because companies that spend a lot on advertising will most likely be a big manufacturer, since smaller companies are usually more limited in their media spending.

2. Your personal beautician is still the best person to ask. This is because everyone’s skin is unique, and your own beautician will be more familiar with your skin and will know what to recommend for you. In addition, beauty parlors usually have the scoop on how certain products perform based on their experience with customers, so your beautician can ward you off from rip-offs. Of course, just make sure that the parlor you frequent is not an official endorser of a particular line, or else you will be limited to recommendations in that product line. Then again, who knows? As long as that brand indeed works, you probably would not mind at all.

3. If you have a lot of time, you can check product reviews on the Internet. Take note of the condition, that if you have a lot of extra time. This is because the Web is overflowing with these reviews and you may wind up overwhelmed with all the information. Alternatively, you can check the Internet only after you have gotten a list of recommendations from the beauty parlor, as this narrows down your research into a manageable burden.

4. Lastly, if you know yourself to have allergies to some chemicals, it might be best to consult a doctor before you invest in big pots of new beauty products. Of course, you can go the normal route of simply doing trial and error, as recommended by skin experts: you simply put a small dab of the product on a portion of your hand and leave it for a while to check for allergies, but you can also get a skin test done at the local clinic.

These tips should get you on your merry way to finding the best beauty products for your personal use.

What to Consider in Finding the Best Beauty Products

The best beauty products are easy to find, but they will not do you any good if you don’t know how to use them. To maximize the effectiveness of the best beauty products you are using, following these simple steps:

Know Your Hair Type

Your hair is called your crowning glory for an obvious reason: shiny and healthy hair can significantly enhance your natural beauty. Use only the best beauty products on your hair to keep it healthy and beautiful at all times.

Applying the wrong types of hair products can leave both your hair and scalp dry and damaged, so make sure that you choose the best beauty products for your hair. These products are specially formulated to meet the needs of different hair types.

To identify your hair type, just hold a handful of hair in your hand to feel its texture. Healthy hair feels smooth, while dry, damaged hair feels rough. Oily hair will leave a sticky and greasy feel on your hands. You can also tell if you have healthy or dry hair just by looking at yourself in the mirror.

Normal and oily hair are easier to treat compared to dry and damaged hair. If the latter is your hair type, then even the best beauty products can’t help you. You need to seek the help of a professional. You can visit beauty salons for the appropriate treatment needed to get back the healthy hair you once had.

Know Your Skin Type

We all have different skin types. Skin types range from naturally healthy to dry, sensitive and flaky. If you are one of those lucky people who were born with naturally beautiful skin, then finding beauty products that work for you would be no problem at all. However, if you have dry or sensitive skin, you need to practice good discretion when choosing skin care products. To avoid worsening the problem, visit a dermatologist for professional advise on the best skin care products to use to improve skin appearance and texture.